Amazon Student is SO COOL.

Amazon Student.

If you join, you get a 6 month free trial. TWO DAY SHIPPING! :D

I don’t normally like doing trials but this was a long one and it helped with school (I’m in college) so I gave it a try.

I actually winded up purchasing amazon student for the year when it finished. Btw, amazon student is half off the normal amazon prime price.

I love it! I love using prime to get two day free shipping but I also like watching the stuff they have. I just started re-watching Degrassi from the beginning. Brings me back! Haha.

Anyway, this is an awesome deal. You should click the link and check it out. :)



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Every single time when a resident comes to a program
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"In the world there are, on average, five people with the look identical to yours."

There are 5 sexy motherfuckers out there.


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That moment when you feel someone doesn’t want to talk to you.
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When my parents type “www.” into the url


I’m like:


and they’re just like:


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The awkward moment when you spell a common word correctly, but it just looks so wrong so you stare at it forever, questioning it’s existence
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