Seriously, how can anything even upset me today when I know that Frankie is probably being evicted this week?

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I get really dramatic when I’m upset lol

The little things make me happy. 
But the little things can also make me sad.  

I’m gonna make a list of the good things going on in my life because it’s stupid to be sad over something small.

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Production literally offered an extra 50k to Derrick and Frankie if they make F2 together. Are you fucking kidding me? I’ve never seen a season so rigged for one person. They obviously threw in the rewind button last week in case Frankie was in danger but when they realized it did nothing but hurt him they threw in this. Fuck this show.


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Next time on…
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why didn’t production tell them that if TA made it to F3 they would get a bonus when Donny’s game was in jeopardy??

oh yeah, because he’s not Ariana Grande’s brother


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- America: : *clearly loves Donny and hates production rigging, team america, and Fr*nkie*
- Production: : Hey lets rig a Team America mission so Derrick and Fr*nkie get Donny's well-earned america's favorite money if Derrick and Fr*nkie are the f2.


Like at this point i just want Derrick to slay the fuck out of everyone else in the house. And that is so sad cause he was not even in my top five when this season started. 

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